At Armada Hoffler, we care deeply about our employees and we are therefore committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. We implement a comprehensive written safety plan which is attached to all subcontracts and we ensure that all work is performed in accordance with these requirements. Additionally, compliance is continually monitored by all employees including full-time Armada Hoffler safety professionals.

As a continued commitment to safety, all Armada Hoffler field and project management employees receive OSHA 30-hour and First Aid/CPR training. All safety personnel are certified OSHA 500 Trainers, which allows us to provide in-house safety education not only to our employees, but also to our subcontractors.

Some of the procedures we employ include:

  • Pre-construction safety meetings for all subcontractors.
  • 100% on site orientation of all personnel prior to the commencement of work.
  • A comprehensive substance abuse program.
  • The monitoring of job site activities on a continual basis, with written reports to site management.
  • Participation of the Armada Hoffler safety department in all job site coordination meetings.
  • Site training to subcontractors as needed on topics relating to safety.

Our concern for safety and the practices we implement at all job sites have resulted in excellent safety records. Our ongoing efforts, over the years, have been recognized with numerous safety awards, which is a testament to our willingness to go above and beyond baseline industry safety standards to prevent injuries and ensure safe jobsites.