Diversity & Inclusion

Armada Hoffler Construction Company actively promotes diversity and inclusion in its projects by granting opportunities to Local, Small, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (LSDBE) as well as Minority Business Enterprises (MBE). For more than three decades, we have been a leader in ensuring minority, small and women-owned business participation in our industry. At the beginning of every project, we set a goal of LSDBE & MBE participation and make every attempt to satisfy our commitment.

Our team considers several criteria before selecting the appropriate subcontractors. We review each one’s work experience, work load, manpower available, the schedule and scope of work required, as well as price competitiveness. Armada Hoffler understands the special challenges a minority subcontractor may have in acquiring new contracts. As such, we are willing to make concessions on relaxing our payment terms and or procuring the materials for the job ourselves, asking the minority subcontractor to solely provide labor as part of their contract with us. We believe that making adjustments of the kind can be especially helpful to certain subcontractors. We are always eager to grant them every opportunity to succeed and prosper.